Couple Teaches Unique Yoga Classes by Combining Their Passions

The story of how Kaleena Bajo and Gabe Noel met is quite hilarious. Back in 2014, Kaleena was teaching a yoga class, while Gabe walked in late to class—but she still let him participate. Little did the two know that just a year later, they would start working together and making their yoga classes special and unique, in their own way.

A year after that first time they met, the two found a shared passion for both music and yoga. Kaleena is into dancing and theater and has been teaching for two decades, while Gabe is a bassist and cellist. That’s when they decided to collaborate and add live music to Kaleena’s classes.

“For me, the main challenge was learning how to accompany a yoga class,” Gabe told in an interview for VoyageLA. “Much like scoring to picture, the first rule is never overtaking the dialogue, whether in volume or intensity. We work together, live, and love together! So learning to communicate is the number one priority!”

Fast-forward a few years later to the pandemic of 2020, the couple didn’t surrender during these hard times. They offered more than 200 yoga and music classes via Zoom.

If you are interested in their yoga classes, you can easily become a member and participate in their teachings. All you need to do is to visit Kaleena’s website.

To meet them virtually, check out the images below. They are such an adorable couple. Aren’t they?