This School Teacher “Hangs out” with Disney Characters in His Spare Time

How many times did you watch a movie or a cartoon and wish there was a way to enter the screen and hang out with the fictional characters for a while? We’d guess plenty, even if this is impossible. Or is it?

Elementary school teacher Samuel Manzanera has found a way to make this wish true with the magic of Photoshop. Manzanera uses the photo editing software to bring Disney characters to his world and “enjoy” their company.

He does this with such expertise that all the edits seem natural. He makes it seem like he interacts with the characters in the photos and participates in the same activities as they do.

According to Manzanera, he first came to the idea of mixing reality and fiction when he saw the live-action/animated movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as a child. When he grew up, he realized he could do this with the help of Photoshop.

In a recent interview, Manzanera revealed that he comes up with the ideas for the photos while doing everyday tasks or watching a Disney flick. He then spends several hours searching for a perfect frame and doing the edits.

Manzanera’s works have been particularly popular on Instagram, where he amassed more than 320K followers. To see why check out his awesome photo edits below.