This Secret Chef Makes the Most Amazing, Tiny Dishes

Chef Jacques Lamerde is the Instagram profile of a French chef who posts amazing food pictures, but we don’t know who is actually behind this account.  

You can tell by the pictures that he uses a big palette of flavors and colors, and refreshingly he doesn’t seem to care for those extra hidden carbs and calories.   

Lamerde uses different combinations of sauces, creams, cheeses, hot dogs, egg yolks, etc. Browse enough through his profile and you might come to the conclusion that some of his dishes might not be as edible as they look like at first glance. Even so, they look so pleasing to the eye that you might end up wanting to dip your chicken wing in vanilla ice cream!

On the other hand, his secret seems to be the size. He makes tiny portions of everything so it looks very elegant as if it’s about to be served in a five-star restaurant in the heart of Paris.  

Scroll down Jacques’ profile if you want to get inspired and just a little bit hungry, because ‘just a little bit’ is all you get.