This Tattoo Artist Creates Cool Motion Tattoos

We have seen our fair share of unique tattoo designs, but ones created by Marseille, France, based tattoo artist Remy B are really something special. His original “motion tattoos” come with an optical illusion effect that can make still tattoos seem like they are moving. Sound cool? Well, it looks even cooler.

At first glance, Remy B’s works seem like your everyday geometric and ornamental tattoos. However, once you slide a transparent perforated sheet across them, they suddenly start moving. This includes blinking eyes, hourglasses, moon and sun cycles, and much more.

Even if you don’t have a special plastic sheet to bring your tattoos to life, they can still move with the help of your smartphone. Remy B developed an Instagram filter that does the same job as the sheet with an added bonus that you can record the movement.

According to his bio, Remy B originally worked as a graphic designer in Paris for seven years before moving to Marseille. There, he discovered his passion for tattoos and decided to establish a tattoo studio called Prisme Tattoo. His previous experience in a graphic design influenced his unique style as a tattoo artist and prompted him to use advanced software to create “more graphic and complex patterns.”

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