Mom Transforms Food Into All Sorts of Quirky Characters

Want to make your meals a bit more fun and interesting for your kids? Then you might want to see how Corinne—aka _ghoul_mom_—is doing it. This Washington, DC-based food artist is turning ordinary food into quirky characters by making just a few small but effective interventions.

Corinne got into food art during the pandemic, wanting to surprise her kids with new and fun creations. It soon became a passion for her and is now a hobby that she wholesomely enjoys. Her Instagram page, where she showcases her newest food creations, has more than 20K followers, and the number is continuously growing.

The recurring theme in Corinne’s food creations are monsters, aliens, and other playful characters. They sometimes look weird or scary, but they are always delicious. This approach also allows her to get her kids interested in the food they usually are not too happy to eat.

“I feel inspired to make food art because it makes my kids laugh and try foods they wouldn’t normally be interested in,” she shared in a recent interview with Bored Panda.

Corinne’s goal is to continue amusing her family and social media followers with creative food art, and she hopes to have enough of them at one point to make a children’s book. Until then, check out more of her food characters below.