This Young Professional Ditched Her Apartment For a Tiny House On Wheels

Most of us grow up dreaming about the perfect home for our family: lots of rooms, lots of space. Light, maybe a little balcony or a garden. But more and more people ditch that dream to live in tiny, 3000 square feet spaces, usually on wheels.

The Tiny House Movement is a growing community dedicated to living small in spaces under 400 square feet. These tiny houses are usually completely self-sufficient: they’re powered with solar panels, collect rainwater, and even have a composting toilet.

Jenna Spesard started her tiny house journey six years ago. Until 2013 she was your average young urban professional, working a desk job and paying rent. But below the surface, she was miserable. She hated her job, couldn’t save any money and felt like she was treading water.

Instead of accepting her life, she decided to go off the grid. She traded her rental for a 300 square foot house on wheels and started traveling across America, making a living as a writer, blogger, and YouTuber. She hasn’t looked back since.

Jenna’s Tiny house gives her absolute freedom. She doesn’t pay rent or bills, she can travel all over the country, and she can dedicate her time to what’s really important to her: her family and friends, her dog and her creative career.

What’s the next move for Jenna? Currently, she’s saying up to get a bigger place, about 600 square feet, so that she can start her own family one day. But that doesn’t mean she regrets living small: her tiny house has allowed her to save up for her new home, and be free like she always wanted to be.