Ticija Hax is Capturing the Most Instagram Friendly Places Around London and Beyond

If London happens to be one of your ultimate dream destinations, Ticija Hax will inspire you to pack your bags right away. This travel and fashion blogger visited many places around the world, but London is her absolute favorite, and she’s presenting it in the most beautiful light.

Hax is a London-based blogger with over 100,000 Instagram followers, and her photos perfectly capture the magic of the British capital. She enjoys using her platform to promote both the must-visit places and less-known attractions around London. In addition to being a travel blogger, Hax is passionate about fashion, and’s she wearing whimsical, colorful outfits in most of her photos.

Hax largely owes her Instagram fame to her picture-perfect posts from London’s top attractions, but she’s no stranger to taking her followers around the world. From Paris and Barcelona to Santorini and Venice, she’ll introduce you to Instagram-friendly spots all around Europe, but London remains her biggest love.

“No matter where I travel each year, it seems that my most memorable moments always happen here… The biggest compliment I can give someone is to tell them they are almost as amazing as London,” she writes on her Instagram.