TikToker Asks Musicians to Play Her Daughter’s Composition, is Overwhelmed With Beautiful Responses

Back in February, TikTok user Mimi Wallace posted a video in which she showed a composition that her 10-year-old daughter Olive wrote. In the clip, the TikToker asked musicians on this popular social media platform to play it so she could hear how it sounded. And you can bet that the internet users delivered.

The video soon went viral, getting 6.3 million views and counting, with numerous musicians responding to the call. Pianists, violinists, and even a full orchestra from NafME Northwest String Educators played Olive’s composition, bringing a huge smile to her face.


She named it! “For Greatness We Bring”

♬ For Greatness We Bring – Meems

In a chat with Today, Wallace said that she and Olive were overwhelmed with the responses and the way strangers reacted to the composition. 

“A violinist who hadn’t touched her instrument since her car accident said Olive’s song inspired her to pick it up again,” Wallace shared.

Olive is an aspiring violinist who dreams of becoming a professional one day. Until then, she wants her composition to be discovered by many more people and secretly hopes to hear a version of it played on bagpipes.

Check out more videos of musicians playing Olive’s composition below and give it a try if you play any instrument.