These Cool Videos Shows How Different Animals Compare in Size

It is often hard to comprehend how big some animals are until you see them in person. This is especially true with extinct animals, since their fossils usually don’t do them justice. This is why the YouTube channel Global Data decided to create a couple of cool 3D animated videos in which they successfully managed to put animal sizes in perspective.

Their first video, uploaded earlier this year, compared the sizes of dinosaurs to a human with 5’7 feet height. The human 3D model is walking past dinosaurs, starting from the smallest one, Mei Long, which was 21 inches long, all the way to Argentinosaurus, which was able to grow to 115 feet. This way, you can really see what it would look like to stand alongside some extinct giants.

The second video, which was uploaded more recently, takes the same idea to another level. This time, the team from Global Data created 3D models of more than 150 animals, including both extinct ones and those that are currently roaming the Earth, and presented them in “true real scale comparison.”

If you ever wanted to know more about the size of creatures you are sharing the planet with, this is a perfect opportunity. Check out the video below.