TikToker Disguised as Baby Gets Free Meal at IHOP

Some people are willing to go to great lengths to get free stuff. Just take a look at TikTok user Brian O’Donnell, who disguised himself as a baby in order to score a complimentary meal at IHOP.

O’Donnell is known for the amusing short videos he makes with his friend Coy Wickey. The duo goes by the handle The Cheeky Boyos on TikTok, where they have close to 11 million followers and more than 320 video likes.

The Cheeky Boyos recently browsed through fan-submitted challenges when one particular challenge caught their attention. One of their followers thought it would be a great idea if they would go disguised as a baby and took advantage of IHOP’s free kids’ meal offer. Not the ones to back from a challenge, the duo went for it.


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They modified a baby stroller, making it possible for O’Donnell to fit his entire body in it without attracting too much attention. He also had a pacifier and a beanie to make it a more convincing sell. Wickey, acting as an adult, pushed the stroller to their local IHOP, and they started putting on a show.

The two went through all of the parent-baby drills, including O’Donnell getting his milk bottle and Wickey entertaining him with rattles. This was enough for the waiter to buy the story and bring free chicken tenders to the “baby.”

The clip of the stunt quickly became viral, receiving 12 million views and 1.3 million likes to date.