Amazingly Life-Like Textile Mushrooms by Amanda Cobbett

We all know that embroidery can lead to some impressive artworks, but the nature of this craft makes it hard to achieve a high level of detail. Still, that didn’t stop Amanda Cobbett from creating amazingly life-like textile mushrooms that you need to touch in order to realize they are not real. And even then, you might be left in doubt.

Cobbett is an award-winning textile artist with more than 25 years of experience. She worked in the printed textile design industry for a long time before deciding to focus on making her own designs and ideas a reality. She moved to the countryside and managed to set up a small home studio in Surrey Hills, UK, which became the birthplace of her impressive 3D textile sculptures.

Most of Corbett’s works are inspired by nature. For example, while taking her dog out for a walk, she uses the opportunity to scout her surroundings and find something that will get her creative juices flowing. That can be something as simple as moss or lichen. 

“I’m inspired when I’m out walking, I have time to think, observe nature and enjoy the fresh air, even if it’s raining, the colors of the sky and shiny wet leaves are just lovely,” she explained in a recent interview.

However, Cobbett’s most famous artworks remain embroidered mushrooms, which she recreates to perfection. Check out more examples below.