Ukrainian Sisters Make Cute Needle Felting Sculptures You Need To Check Out

Being a needle felting artist and creating adorable miniature sculptures by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together looks so much fun, right? Especially when the results are so cute. Although it might seem hard, in reality, it is super fun! And two Ukrainian sisters Hanna and Olga Dovhan are here to prove us right.

The creative duo, better known as MANOONI on Instagram, dedicate their lives to make small and not so small needle felted dolls. From vegetables to fruits with mustaches, sweets, donuts, croissants, insects, animals, mountains, sun, stars, and other astronomical objects, their portfolios are full of fun little dolls.

The Manooni team has almost 73,000 followers on Instagram, and their gallery is arranged adorably. They also have an Etsy store where the Kharkiv-based sisters are selling their little wool friends.

“In my shop, you can buy wool animals to decorate your home or to give as gifts. Or you can choose your own very special gift,” Hanna shared on Etsy.

If you are interested to see their little creations, check out the gallery below. We have chosen our top five. Don’t forget to follow them for more amazing felted friends. Which one was your favorite?