Meet Lonni Pike, a 56-year-old Woman Who Dresses Like a Teenager

Lonni Pike, better known as Gray Hair And Tattoos on social media, is a 56-year-old stylish lady who has a unique lifestyle. She has tattoos and likes wearing fashionable clothes. Being popular on both TikTok and Instagram, Pike gets lots of cool comments about her outfits. However, mean statements aren’t lacking either.

Not that long ago, after posting a video where she showcases her OOTD, someone wrote to her that she is too old to dress like a teenager. Pike pulled out one of her best outfits and responded with a TikTok video that has been watched more than 2 million times.

“I don’t give anyone the right to respond negatively to me in any area of my life. My life is my universe, and critics are not allowed. I get a lot of positive responses from people appreciating the fact that I’m not afraid to show the world who I am,” she shared to Viva Fifty. She then explained that she would like to be an inspiration to those who have a hard time expressing themselves.

To see some of her stylish outfits, check out the gallery below. Don’t forget to follow her on social media for more amazing content.