Cecil Kemperink Makes Chain Sculptures Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Cecil Kemperink is the artist behind these bulky, movable chain sculptures that are unusually flexible. The sculptures are large but look fragile and supple, which you definitely don’t expect from chains.

Kemperink lives on Texel island in the Netherlands. She finds inspiration in the water and the environment that surrounds her, which is where she gets her unique understanding of motion.

“I love the rhythm of nature, the tides, the (change) of the length of the days, the seasons, the changes continuous,” the artist tells Colossal. “I try to translate the rhythm, the time, the colors, the continuous movements in different ways into my work.”

In order to create her chains, Kemperink uses ceramic loops. This keeps them firm but adds a more gentle dimension.

Additionally, the color palettes she uses are absolutely gorgeous. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram page and follow her if you want to stay up to date. Scroll down for our selection of her gorgeous chain art.