Women’s Hair Turns into Cats in Jang Koal’s Paintings

Cats have been inspiring artists for thousands of years. We see them in ancient paintings and we see them in the recent, popular artwork around the internet as well. One Korean artist named Jang Koal had an interesting idea for how she would include cats in her paintings. She started painting women with long hair and made their hair turn into cute black kitties.

Koal’s series of paintings is called Mirage Cat. It features women with beautiful long hair that merge into cats and we find it strangely beautiful and dreamlike.

The women wear floral print dresses and appear to be holding a cat made of their own hair—and she makes it seem like it’s the most common thing in the world. The portraits are completed with beautiful botanical backgrounds.

You can see more of Koal’s art on her Instagram page, where she has over 43,000 followers. Her page is the right place for you if you enjoy artwork inspired by cats. Check out some of our favorites below!