Naomi Haverland Paints Huge Tiger Murals and Other Masterpieces

Artist Naomi Haverland is the incredible talent behind these mural paintings, and the latest one of her works includes a big tiger and flowers. Haverland lives in Florida and the tiger mural she made was commissioned by a Tampa-based company with a goal to convey “diversity and empowerment.” The artist had a few meetings with them before she proposed the theme.

“I created the image of the tiger roaring flowers because I liked the idea of combining an image of something fierce and powerful with an image of something delicate and beautiful,” she tells My Modern Met.

The sequins are there to make it look like a hand-made collage. The artist is a big fan of crafting material images, so her works often feature items like sequins, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes.

When she first saw how big the wall for her new mural was, she realized she’d have to get creative with painting tools. For example, she had to make a paintbrush longer with a stick in order to reach the top of the wall.

You can see many other amazing works by Haverland below and on her Instagram page.