Vaza Nevaza is Crafting Quirky Pottery Inspired by Frida Kahlo

Once upon a time, Frida Kahlo established herself as one of Mexico’s most celebrated painters—and her body of work is still inspiring artists around the world many decades later. One of those artists happens to be Katya Matveeva, the mastermind behind the ceramic brand Vaza Nevaza.

Based in Moscow, Matveeva hand-builds and paints each of her ceramic pieces with love and patience. She’s doing it all on her own, and that’s why her creations are completely unique and one of a kind.

Judging by her Instagram feed, Frida Kahlo-inspired decorative pottery pieces seem to be Matveeva’s signature product. They’re instantly recognizable thanks to the painter’s unibrow and flower crown, and she’s usually shown wearing clothes hand-painted in the style of traditional Mexican embroidery.

Matveeva may be best known for pottery inspired by Frida Kahlo, but she has many more equally quirky ceramic creations in store. Her cups, jewelry stands, plates, and dishes take the most interesting shapes and have a lot of characters, and they’re available for purchase on her official website!