Logan is the Perfect Mix Between German and Australian Shepherd

Are you a huge fan of German and Australian shepherds and wish you could have both of these breeds in a single pet? If this sounds like pure fantasy, it’s only because you’ve never heard of Instagram star Logan the Shepherd.

Logan’s owner adopted him after seeing an ad on Craigslist that instantly made her fall in love with his unique fur. Logan’s dad was a German Shepherd, while his mom was an Australian Shepherd, and he’s truly the best of both worlds.

What makes this adorable pup even more unique is the fact that one side of his face is brown, while the other is black. His owner isn’t sure if he’s a chimera or not, but it’s a possibility since his mother had similar facial features and eyes of a different color.

Logan was named after the X-men character, and his Instagram page has attracted 200,000 followers since it was started in 2018. Judging by his posts, he’s a fun-loving and adventurous dog, who enjoys long, relaxing hikes in nature, where he feels right at home.