Watch a Greek Hairdresser Break World Record for Fastest Haircut

Having a Guinness World Record on your resume is always a good thing, especially in Konstantinos Koutoupis’ line of work. This Greek hairdresser recently broke the world record for the fastest haircut, giving one client a hairdo in just 47.17 seconds.

The video of the record-breaking attempt was posted on Guinness World Records’ official Twitter page and created quite a buzz (pun intended) on social media. It shows Koutoupis working with just a trimmer and a comb, turning a messy head full of hair into a stylish look.

After Koutoupis finished doing his magic, an official approached to examine the work the Athens-based hairdresser did. Impressively, the haircut was not only fitting from the visual standpoint but also passed the measuring test.

Of course, being officially endorsed by Guinness World Records didn’t cut it for some social media users. One user blasted the haircut, saying that “not even the guy who got his haircut looks happy with it.” Another one asked what stops him from “just cutting anything and claiming the record?”

If you ask us, we are actually impressed with how Koutoupis did in such a short time. His business should particularly benefit from this since now people will now know where they can get a decent haircut in under a minute in case of emergency.