70-Year-Old Taxi Driver Shows Off Amazing Basketball Skills in a Viral Video

Image via beautifulsoulsinnyc/Instagram

If you are a basketball fan or you like soda drinks, you are probably familiar with the Uncle Drew commercials for Pepsi Max. They feature NBA superstar Kyrie Irving dressing up as an old man before blowing away people with his basketball skills. Something similar happened recently on the streets of New York City, and it wasn’t even an act.

Content creator Luc A Menard recently posted a video of an elderly man in Timberland shoes showing off some amazing basketball skills. In the clip, the man later revealed to be 70-year-old taxi driver George Papoutsis, is standing on the street outside a caged basketball court.

He stops Menard and tells him he can make a basket from the place he is standing. Of course, Menard is eager to see this and accepts. The elderly man then proceeds to casually take the ball, sink the shot, and then run away down the street.

The video soon turned viral, spreading across all social media and racking millions of views. It received half a million likes on Instagram alone.

Unfortunately, it was later revealed that the video was somewhat staged. Menard actually met Papoutsis before and acts as his manager. This takes away a bit from the charm of the video, although it doesn’t change the fact that senior is still excellent with a ball in his hands.