Woman Goes to Help a Stray Dog, Gets More Than She Bargained For

Texas-based dog foster mom Kristin Erwin spent most of her life helping dogs. So, when she found out that there is a stray dog close to her job in need of help, Erwin quickly jumped in her car and headed to the site. When she got there, she was in for a big surprise.

Erwin quickly found the dog and was heartbroken when she saw how thin it was. She decided to give it food and water and then bring her to her house despite fostering several other dogs. But before she could proceed with her plan, Erwin noticed that the dog was lactating.

This meant that she had newborns and that they were somewhere near. Erwin let the dog momma guide her and quickly found a litter of puppies at a nearby abandoned property. There were eight puppies in total; all hoping Erwin would save them. And that’s precisely what she did.

“She had to have been drained and exhausted keeping them alive,” Erwin told The Dodo in a recent chat. “I really feel for stray momma dogs, so it was especially hard for me.”

Erwin took the dog-mom and her pups to her home and cared for them for a month. They then went to another foster family before finding a new home in Wisconsin, thanks to the collaboration of several animal rescue organizations.

“They didn’t have to be the next generation of stray dogs,” Erwin added. “I’m so glad I was there that day and could change their future.”

Erwin also documented the story on her social media profile.