Adobe’s Survey Reveals Emoji Trends in 2022

Emojis have always been a big part of online communication, but they now seem to be more important than ever. That is, according to a recent survey conducted by the software company Adobe.

As part of their Future of Creativity: 2022 U.S. Emoji Trend Report, the company surveyed 5,000 emoji users in the United States to learn more about how and why they use emojis. According to the results, more than 91 percent of participants think emojis help them to express themselves better.

The use of emojis also impacts the way others perceive you. The survey showed that 73 percent of U.S. emoji users think those who use emojis are “friendlier, funnier, and cooler” compared to those that don’t. The use of emojis also tops other ways of expressing emotions as the majority of the participants favor it compared to text-only, phone, or in-person options.

The survey also revealed that America’s favorite emojis are: 😂(#1), 👍(#2), ❤(#3), 🤣(#4), 😢(#5). The trio of 🤠(#1), 🍒(#2), 🙃(#3) are the most misunderstood emojis, while 💩(#1), 😠(#2), 🍆(#3) emojis make you less likeable.

This means that if you like using emojis while texting and chatting, you are doing the online communication thing right. If not, you might want to start adding ❤ or 😂 here and there.

“Using emojis is a sign of emotional intelligence. It demonstrates you are able to be vulnerable and wear your heart on your sleeve,” said Paul D. Hunt, typeface designer and font developer at Adobe, while breaking down the report.