Xomatok Brings Vibrant Colors to Cracks on Mexico City’s Street

Peruvian visual artist Xomatok recently visited Mexico City and decided to spend some time on its streets. In between exploring this charming city, he also used the opportunity to create a new series of artworks titled Manifestos.

Xomatok opted to do several interventions on Mexico City street cracks, painting them in various vibrant colors. The cracks, caused by the force of the tree roots trying to escape the pavement, were transformed into an eye-catching art installation thanks to a mixture of green, yellow, pink, and blue. The entire thing almost resembles a rainbow spill.

“This series of interventions brings us closer to a conscious experience in the streets through the intervention of the cracks in the concrete that reveal the force of nature present in urban life, an allusion to the unveiling of other realities that exist in parallel to it,” the artist shared about the project.

Xomatok made a total of five Manifestos artworks, with each one being open to the public to admire it. If you are currently in Mexico City, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Roma Norte neighborhood and check them out in person. If not, continue scrolling to see more photos shared on social media.