Yas Atienza’s Friday Concepts Illustrations Will Help You Make it Through the Worst of Days

Social media can feel like a pretty dark place from time to time and we could all use a ray of sunshine on our feeds. If you’re looking for new illustrators capable of bringing positive vibes to your life, Yas Atienza will give you just what you’re looking for with her Friday Concepts illustrations.

Atienza is based in the Philippines, and she describes herself as “just a curious, creative, and passionate human being, mostly inspired by nature, patterns, interiors, and cozy stuff” on her official Etsy page.

Yasmin “Yas” Atienza started her Instagram page Friday Concepts in 2020 and has attracted over 90,000 followers in the years to come. Her illustrations initially showcased female characters in all sorts of different life situations, but her page really blew up once she started adding quotes and affirmations to the mix.  

Atienza’s illustrations are now accompanied by famous words of such historical figures as Nelson Mandela, Vincent Van Gogh, C.S. Lewis, Stephen King, and many more. She makes sure to add sources whenever possible, but some of the mindful lines come from her own head.

If you’re looking for an illustrator who’ll help you look at life from the bright side and find a reason to keep going every single day, Friday Concepts are just the thing you’re looking for.