You Can Now Order Mustard-Flavored Ice Cream

Mustard is great on a hot dog, but this condiment should be nowhere near ice cream, right? Well, the popular American food company French’s disagrees.

French’s recently announced that they teamed up with an LA-based ice cream company Coolhaus and created mustard-flavored ice cream. Yes, you’ve heard it correct. Mustard-flavored ice cream is now a thing.

The companies created the ice cream to “bring together two all-American classics, ice cream and mustard” and also to celebrate National Mustard Day.

For better or for worse, the mustard-flavored ice cream won’t be available nationwide. It will only be sold in Coolhaus stores in Los Angeles and New York as a limited item.

If you are tired of the good old vanilla-chocolate combo, however, and want to try this unusual creation, French’s was kind enough to share the recipe for the ice cream on their official YouTube channel.

Check the recipe below and let us know how it tastes.