Yukiko Tanzi Finds Joy in Baking After Surviving Her Darkest Days

Yukiko Tanzi’s Instagram page is filled with healthy and vibrant desserts, but it comes with a darker story. The Switzerland-based blogger actually dived into the world of baking after undergoing a heart transplant surgery that completely changed her outlook on life.

Tanzi, who goes by @foodie.yuki on Instagram, underwent surgery at the age of 29, following a long illness. She started her food blog in 2017 as a way of helping her cope, and she’s now using her page to inspire people to not give up and approach life with a positive attitude.

If you think that food can’t possibly hold that much power, it’s only because you haven’t seen her Instagram page. Tanzi radiates positivity through her pictures because she specializes in making bright and sweet treats, many of which also happen to be vegan-friendly.

On her official website, Tanzi describes food as an “expression of love” and “the glue that brings and holds people together”. She finds the experience of baking therapeutic, especially after it helped her get through some hard times. If you also see baking as your personal form of therapy, head to her food blog for some inspiration and take your desserts to the next level.