Yummy Floral Paintings Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Stepped Inside a Secret Garden

Flowers have served as inspiration for artists since the dawn of time, and it’s always fun to stumble upon artists who manage to present them in a new light. Christine of Yummy Floral Paintings is one of them, and she specializes in thick-painting the most magical flowers and bouquets.

Christine is now followed by over 60,000 people on TikTok and 28,000 on Instagram, but the start of her creative journey was quite unusual. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t kick things off with paint and canvass, but with buttercream and sugar paste.

It all started when she decided to make a wedding cake for her sister. She enjoyed the process of designing and planning it, but after it was eaten in just 45 minutes, Christine felt it was time to make a switch to another medium and focus on making things that last.

“I wanted to create on a canvas something that kept the look and feel of cake but working with acrylic paint is much harder than working with buttercream or fondant or sugar paste. These are some of my attempts,” she writes on her official website.

She’s always been obsessed with flowers and decided to put them front and center in her work. She uses layers upon layers of thick paint to give her flowers a textured look, making them as realistic as their real-life contra parts.