93-year-old Grandma Takes Hilarious Self-Portraits

If you thought that life stops when you get to a certain age, you were wrong. Take for example 93-year-old Kimiko Nishimoto who decided to spend her days as a photographer. Thanks to her creative self-portraits, the Brazilian-born Japanese woman became a huge internet sensation.

Nishimoto wasn’t a typical country girl. She had many interests. First, she became a hairdresser, then a licensed professional cyclist, and then a photographer. Two decades earlier, back in 2001, when she turned 72, she started her amateur photographer career by taking classes all over Japan. Nowadays, she seeks inspiration from everyday life. In an interview for Japan’s Public Relation Office Government, the cool grandma explained how she became a sucker for self-portraits.

“I became interested in taking selfies when I was given a homework assignment in a photography class to take a picture of myself,” she said. “I knew it would be difficult to take good pictures like the professionals, so I decided to take pictures that the viewer would find amusing.”

To make her images attractive to the viewer’s eyes, Nishimoto learned how to use modern editing software and to post on social media. She started her Instagram account back in 2018, and she now has over 259,000 admirers.