Hotel in Iceland Offers Free Stay in Return for Photos of Northern Lights

If you’re a photographer who’d like a free trip to Iceland, there’s an opportunity right now. Hotel Rangá in Iceland is giving a free stay for a whole month in exchange for some amazing photos of the Northern Lights. “Hotel Rangá is seeking ‘its first official’ lights catcher. Aspiring Photographers are invited to apply to spend a month of capturing one of the world‘s greatest wonders, The Northern Lights. It is a great opportunity to build your own photography portfolio,” reads the official description on their website.

The hotel offers free room and board to the selected candidate. The photographer will also be able to use the hotel’s stargazing observatory and hot tubs. The opportunity to explore Iceland during the 1-month stay is another amazing benefit.

Hotel Rangá provides a perfect location for seeing the Northern Lights. It’s located in South Iceland, away from city lights, and surrounded by gorgeous nature. It’s close to Eystri Rangá river, Mt. Hekla volcano, and the Westman Islands.

Learn more about this opportunity on the hotel’s website. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to apply, but your photos have to be great. The hotel will use them in promotion material and have a full ownership over them.