Two Artists Paint Traditional Dutch Wall Hangings

Jaap Snijder and Marcelo Gimenes are the artists behind the brand Snijder & Co who keep the old Dutch tradition of painting big landscape wall hangings alive. They live in Zierikzee, Netherlands, where they create custom wallpapers based on their original designs.

“Our craft has been lost for more than 150 years,” the artists tell My Modern Met. “We are working on a revival with the help of museums, historians, and the Cultural Heritage Agency, to bring back this Dutch tradition of large landscape wall hangings and secure it for the next generations.”

Snijder and Gimenes recreate the traditional style of these wall hangings using the 18th and 19th century techniques. They mix them with modern materials to get a more permanent result, but that doesn’t affect the style. Most of their works are inspired by nature, especially botanical motifs. Snijder specializes in birds and mammals, while Gimenes shines when painting sky, backgrounds, and insects. They both enjoy painting flowers, plants, and trees.

Snijder & Co wallpapers are available in the official online store. Follow the artists’ inspiring Instagram page to stay up to date with their latest creations. We picked out some of their best works for you, so scroll down to see them.