This Fashion-Forward Grandpa is More Stylish Than You

A young Japanese man named Kudo decided to visit his old grandpop in his hometown, but he never expected what would happen next.  

As it turns out, Tetsuya, the 84-years old grandad of Kudo, lived peacefully after he retired from his job as a school teacher until his grandson suggested that they clean up the old attic and play dress up while working. 

Tetsuya accepted to be groomed by Kudo and he really liked what he saw in the mirror. He felt young again and decided that he wanted to be stylish. Tetsuya’s style is couture, avant-garde with a hint of hipster fashion. He even borrows Kudos clothes because they go well with his vision! 

Soon enough he created an Instagram profile and the rest is history. Tetsuya is everything you are looking for in an Instagram fashion Influencer. Not only does he posts his high fashion statements, but he also gives advice on how to match colors and patterns.  

Although Tetsuya is a local celebrity now, he says that he can never forget his first and most important job, being the best grandad in the world! It seems that he is really a pro at grandfathering! 

Check out some of our favorite looks below. Are you as stylish and fashion-forward as this 84-year-old grandad?