Illustrator Tackles Contemporary Issues in His Work

Benjamin Güdel is a visual artist based in Zurich, Switzerland, whose amazing illustrations and poster designs left us wondering about life. Güdel was born a year after the Summer of Love, and he’s been in love with drawing and sketching since kindergarten. 

He says that he spent those earliest days of his life in a corner, drawing endlessly. He never finished college, but that didn’t stop him from building a great career as an illustrator and poster designer. After spending a couple of years as a cartoonist and publisher of underground comics, he decided to take some time off and moved to Berlin. After two years of partying in Berlin, he returned to Switzerland and turned over a new page in his life. Now he lives and works in Zurich with his family.  

We simply love his illustrations and poster designs because of their amazing details, color choices, and mysterious, vintage look. In his images, the artist deals with the contemporary lifestyle and its issues. Climate change and workers’ problems are frequent topics of his posters, and his illustrations often depict modern cities as concrete jungles. 

Take a glance at some of his works below and follow him on Instagram if you like what you see!