Artist Celebrates Womanhood By Creating Weapons From Porcelain

Helena Hauss is an artist based in Paris, France, who’s famous for her detailed ballpoint pen drawings which explore womanhood in contemporary society. Recently, Hauss decided to try out a new medium of expression, so she began sculpting. She decided to take a break from drawing because she felt like it couldn’t completely satisfy her needs for expression and she needed something more concrete. 

Hauss named her porcelain project Hell Hath no Fury since it’s meant to represent the inner strength of any woman, which comes together with an appearance of delicacy. She is strongly against society’s prejudices towards women, and this porcelain project is her way of fighting against it. The ceramic-looking weapons symbolize the empowerment and fury that lie in any woman. Although these sculptures seem very fragile, just like teapots made from precious china found in your grandmother’s glass cabinet, they are actually very sturdy. The artist crafted them from a polymer that closely resembles porcelain. 

Hauss points out that her art is not a political act, but an act of human experience, her own experience. She thinks that rather than carrying imposed labels, people should reveal their real identities, and not apologize for them.  

Check out Hauss’ amazing work!