This Woman Overcame All Odds to Become a Model

Life is often harder for those who are “different.” Especially in childhood and adolescence, the pain of being labeled might influence the rest of someone’s life. On the other hand, we can celebrate our differences and wear them with pride!  

That’s exactly what Jeyza Gary, a woman worth admiring in every aspect, wants to teach the world. She has a rare skin condition that causes her skin to shed every two weeks, but she doesn’t let that stop her from showing her inner and outer beauty. Two years ago, Jeyza became a model, and she is the first one with this skin condition to do so. Vogue Italia immediately recognized her talent and beauty and featured her in their magazine.  

Jeyza’s skin condition is called lamellar ichthyosis, and only one in 100,000 people have it. She remembers how people used to stare at her when she was little, and how protective her family was. Her mom would go with her to school and teach other children and teachers about her condition in an attempt to help her daughter fit in with other children.  

Today, Jeyza is a wonderful, empowered young woman, ready to proudly wear her uniqueness.  

Check her out!