French Artist Mixes Medieval Art With Video Games

Jerome Rasto is a 41-year-old France-born street artist who makes his pieces by mixing the medieval art and the super Mario world, creating unique paintings. Currently living and working in Paris, the artist has been surrounded by art his whole life. Influenced by his father, who was a painter, and the book called Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, Rasto started making “drawings, characters, buildings, animals, the ornamental aspect of the illumination, and especially its symbols will mark him durably.”

He has been also fascinated with the stained-glass windows which he incorporates into his art pieces. The artist loves painting on various mediums, like canvases, walls, bulky waste, mixing iconography with references more contemporary as the video games with whom he has grown up.

You can see his creations on walls all over the world, and on his Instagram page, where he shares images of his works.

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