Traditional Indian Dad Creates Web Comics About Modern Life With His Daughter and Wife

Uncle Subbu Comics is a series of webcomics created by an Indian artist. The comics depict the life of a traditional Indian dad and his wife and daughter. Needless to say, the father is having trouble adapting to the modern world and its problems. The stories are usually about him trying to coexist with his free-spirited adult daughter in a society that is constantly evolving. 

The artist is also engaged in social and ecological projects such as the Animal Protection Comic, where artists post short webcomics about endangered species, and this artist chose to write about the Indian lion-tailed macaque.  

Uncle Subbu Comics show everyday family life situations- such as a father who is being overly demanding of his daughter, while sometimes too lazy and seeking assistance for the simplest operations himself. Others depict problems of being too socially awkward to lead formal conversations over the phone or rejecting someone’s invitation to go out. They also show some issues that traditional families deal with, such as mothers who obsessively clean the house before the arrival of guests. 

This artist shares his work on Instagram, where he currently has a growing population of 3.2k followers. Check out his comics below!