Amazing Hand Cut Paper Art by Reina Takahashi

Reina Takahashi, known as reinasaur on social media, describes herself as an independent paper artist. Based in Oakland, California, she creates amazing hand-cut paper art that not only gained her a big following online, but also allowed her to collaborate with various brands, companies, and other talented artists.

Takahashi is able to create all sorts of cool things thanks to her ability to bend the paper to her will. This includes your usual geometrical shapes, animals, and food, but also objects you wouldn’t expect like syringes, outdoor scenes, geological layers, and much more.

Detailing her creative process, Takahashi revealed on her website that most of her works start as a sketch. She then proceeds to create the piece while doing all the cutting, gluing and finishing by hand.

When it comes to inspiration, Takahashi reveals she is often inspired by the details in things that surround her. However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t deviate from the original idea when she sees fit.

“When I’m prototyping the forms and just trying things out, there’s an engagement with exploration that’s really joyful and fun,” Takahashi explains. “When there are elements of spontaneity and improvisation, I get very involved in the process.”

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