Gerry Donaghy’s Poignant Portraits Tell a Story

If you look at art to feel something real, Gerry Donaghy’s Instagram profile is the place you want to go. He uses a handful of different mediums to express himself, but his favorites tend to be pencils and colored pencils most of the time. Here and there, he’ll throw in some watercolor and pastels. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what kind of “paintbrush” he uses—every single one of his works are absolutely brilliant.

Many of his works are up-close portraits of people. He draws depictions of both men and women, hyper-zoomed into their faces. Donaghy doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing their innermost thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He expertly shows their fears, worries, and ambitions as well. When looking at his art, it’s easy to identify with the troubles of his subjects, because they seem so real.

Take a stroll through the photos that we’ve compiled here and see if you like his work. If you’re anything like his 790 followers, you can’t get enough of his poignant style. If you’re interested in seeing more, go ahead and give him on a follow on Instagram!