Amii James’ Comics Are Simple, Yet So Unexpectedly Hilarious

There’s a lot of amazing humor to be found in short comics featuring nothing but black and white doodle—if you know where to look. Amii James is proving you can fully embrace dark humor and satire and still keep things simple with her viral comics.

With 40,000 followers and counting, her Instagram page is truly blowing up on this social media platform, and it all started with a viral post mocking the absurdity of the “All Lives Matters” movement. Her page only grew from there, and we’ve watched James explore many different topics over the years.

Most illustrators tend to go into the specifics when asked where their inspiration comes from, but not James. She likes to keep things honest and says you can find “plenty of nonsense” on her Instagram page, in addition to her signature satirical illustration.

“It makes me laugh when I’m asked where my inspiration comes from… If I’m being completely honest, the only real ‘artistic process’ is making sure it is as simplified as possible. In terms of idea generation, I simply draw any nugget of oddity that crosses my mind,” James explains on her official website.

She also started a popular series Good News This Week, so head to her Instagram page to discover some amazing comics that will put a smile on your face.