Anonymity With Style! Artist Creates Futuristic Anti-Face-Recognition-Software Mask

As technology rapidly develops we all get a chance to enjoy its numerous benefits such as enhanced long-distance communication, faster studying using tools, and platforms designed for a diversity of our needs – just to mention a few. But there is the other side of the coin which regards privacy concerns. Facial recognition algorithms and social surveillance in public places are the beginning of a dystopia in all the movies!  

Polish artist and designer Ewa Nowak has created facial jewelry whose purpose is to make you unrecognizable to such software. This jewelry is made of a long piece of brass in the form of a mask and it’s called Incognito. The mask curves around the ears like a pair of glasses do and that’s how it stays still on our face. Below the eyes, two brass circles are placed, and between them is one rectangular element.  

Nowak conducted a long-term study using the DeepFace algorithm used by Facebook to figure out the shape, size and location of the mask elements so that it would work.  

When you put the mask on, algorithms for individual-face recognition cannot recognize you. The whole point is keeping you anonymous out on the streets!