Antonio’s Tattoo Art is Shockingly Realistic

You don’t have to want a tattoo on your own body to appreciate just how incredible tattoo art is. Whether you’re covered from head to toe with black ink, or whether you wouldn’t go near a needle, it’s impossible to deny that Antonio Venturetti has a true gift. All it takes is a quick excursion through his portfolio to see just how skilled he is.

Indeed, Antonio’s tattoos are so realistic that they seem to “pop” off the skin of his subjects’ bodies. Whether it’s an adorable kitten, or a lonesome wolf, or a picture of Marilyn Manson, this artist is the definition of a master craftsman.

What you’ll notice also is that Antonio doesn’t just draw small pictures on peoples’ skin. He has the capacity to create vast mural-esque tattoos that cover the span of peoples’ entire bodies. Upon a client’s request, he may cover their entire back, or their entire body for that matter. It doesn’t seem as though there are any requests that are too difficult or great for him.

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