We Can’t Get Enough Of Derek’s Odd Drawings

Derek C. F. Pegritz is one of those artists who is so unique that he’s almost untouchable in a sense. While yes, you can certainly compare his work to that of other artists, it’s not easy. Derek creates illustrations that have a certain oddness to them, but not in a way that’s off-putting. In fact, it’s pretty endearing.

His color scheme tends to be black and white in nature, but he tends to throw random colors into the mix just to keep things interesting. This idea is demonstrated in the drawing below, where you can see a moon-like contraption surrounded by smaller orbs (one of them being red).

There’s certainly an abstract quality to what Derek does, and that’s what makes it so interesting. The fact that we’re not always sure what he’s saying, but we can still feel the impact, is everything. Another reason that this is beneficial is that it leaves so much open to interpretation—and when an artist does that, it brings the viewer in closer.

If you’d like to see more of Derek’s work, feel free to give him a follow on Instagram. Currently, Derek is still on the rise, but we wouldn’t be surprised if his name is a lot more well known in the future.