Raquel Combines Digital Illustrations With Photography

Art is all about doing things in ways that are provocative and unexpected. It’s one thing to be talented and skilled, but it’s also incredibly important to show the world that you’ve got something to say. Raquel does just that with her digital illustrations, but it’s not just her drawings that are interesting—it’s her unique way of incorporating them into real-world photography.

As you can see in the above photo, Raquel took a regular photo of a glass of some kind of red drink, and later added a digital drawing of a vampire. Clearly, the photo itself was premeditated because the drink is red and vampires are known for wanting blood.

But this artist also does a handful of other things, often sketching things that are unexpected and even a little bizarre. Although she only has around 433 followers right now on Instagram, she’s living her truth and expressing herself for her fans to enjoy.

If you like these works of art, we definitely recommend that you give her a follow and support her. From the vibrant colors she uses to the interesting ideas she has, you’ll certainly be given a treat every time she posts something new.