Things in Squares’ Comics Are Hilarious and Absurd at the Same Time

Image via thingsinsquarescomics/Instagram

Building a huge following as an illustrator takes a lot of time and energy – and a certain type of humor. Darkly comedic absurdist comics are all the rage on Instagram these days, and Things in Squares is one of the pages putting them on the map.

This project was started by the artist who simply refers to himself as Cale, but that’s pretty much all we know about him. He lets his comic speak for themselves, and boy, oh boy—do they have a story to tell!

Cale started this comic series all the way back in 2014, and we’ve seen him share comics, funny letters, and tales through his illustrations over the past decade. Before finding success with Things in Squares, he used to work on the project called Week Cartoons, but he admits his style was all over the place back then and it significantly evolved over the years.

Cale took some time to figure out what his niche is, and experiment with everything from “cute stuff” to comics that are totally absurd and difficult to understand. He eventually found his true calling in darkly comedic illustrations and attracted over 300,000 followers to his Instagram page with his quirky sense of humor.