Artist Creates Detailed Illustrations of Insects Covered in Gemstones

Despite being one of nature’s most intriguing creations, insects often don’t receive as much attention as they probably should. Most people find them pesky, annoying, or even scary.

French artist Steeven Salvat, however, finds them quite amazing. This is why he dedicates a good portion of his creative work to show them in a more positive light, hoping to remind everyone how important they are for the world we live in.

Salvat draws highly-detailed illustrations of insects that sport interesting cosmetic accessories in the form of gemstones. This, combined with the artist’s distinctive style, creates a royal aura around his subjects, who look like they wear metal-plated armor covered in shiny rocks like rubies or diamonds.

Salvat’s works are influences by the Baroque and Rococo style and made using watercolors and black ink. Check them out below.