This Man Builds Amazing Life-Size Sculptures with LEGO Bricks

Most people see LEGO bricks as toys for kids, but the fact is that adults love them just as much. The perfect example is Brooklyn artist Sean Kenney, who uses LEGOs to create amazing life-size sculptures.

Self-described “professional kid,” Kenney has been creating art with LEGOs for the past 15 years. During that time, his works were exhibited in galleries worldwide, used for promotional services by high-profile companies, and won him multiple awards.

Kenney always looks to make his sculptures as close to their real-life inspiration as possible, which can often be a long and tiring process. Most of his creations require a whole team, take months to create, and need tens of thousands of individual LEGO bricks.

In the end, however, it’s all worth it as Kenney’s art pieces are beautiful to watch and make you want to take out your old LEGO set (or steal one from your kid) and get creative. Check out more of them below.