Brisa Illustrates the Good Things About Being Short

Brisa is short. She is nearly 5 feet tall, and she loves it! That’s why she created a funny comic series about short people problems.

“I started with the series Short People Problems since I thought it would be fun to laugh a bit about the small daily struggles that short people have to face,” the artist told in an interview for Bored Panda. “They were super well-received, but in the comments, there were always people saying how they didn’t like being short, or how that made them feel less confident or feel that being short is a problem itself.”

That’s when she decided to create a “parallel series, focused on the perks that being below average height have.”

“My intention with all that was to show that, being short is not bad or good, it just has its own pros and cons, like any other stature,” she added.

To see her series, head to her Instagram account where her photos regularly get tens of thousands of likes from her almost 300,000 followers.