Lithuanian Artist Re-Creates Scenes from Nature with Needles and Threads

Jura Gric is a Lithuanian artist who specializes in embroidery art. Inspired by nature, she uses needles and threads to re-create beautiful and vivid scenes that depict forests, lakes, and wildlife.

Gric started her artistic journey at Art Academy where she studied painting. But, according to the artist herself, as much as she loved this discipline, she always felt drawn to embroidery and folk art.

After finishing her studies, Gric focused on her real passion and never looked back. She believes her art allows her to express her creativity in full while helping her to stay in touch with the nature and beautiful landscapes of Lithuania.

“Through my work I want to talk about the real value of nature and my personal connection to my homeland,” Gric says on her website.

Check out more of her beautiful works below. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get out and explore the beauties of nature.