Artist Creates Colorful Pieces Using Natural Materials

Most artists turn to art and craft stores when needing materials for their projects. Hannah Bullen-Ryner, on the other hand, prefers to “shop” while enjoying a relaxing outdoor walk.

Bullen-Ryner is a self-described land artist who creates intriguing art pieces with the help of natural materials. Using her impressive observation skills and a keen eye for details, she arranges twigs, leaves, petals, and branches to look like colorful birds, mouses, or squirrels.

According to this talented mom of twin girls, she rarely does a pre-planned piece and usually lets the materials guide her through the process.

“I flow purely with found materials, creating ephemeral Mandalas or little bird visitors underneath my favorite Oak tree,” says Bullen-Ryner.

Bullen-Ryner’s cool works are unfortunately always temporary, but the artist herself prefers it that way.

“I take some photos and then walk or cycle away, leaving it all behind and feeling calmer, more connected, and truly lighter,” she adds.

Check out more of her works below.