These Whimsical Ceramics are Made For Every Romantic Girl

We live in an era when people are all into owning unique, handmade things. With the emergence of Instagram and other social media platforms, it’s become so much easier to advertise your talent and business. All you need to do is to type a couple of words into the search field, and voila, all the beautiful products will appear on your screen.

Erika Christine is one of those artists who uses her hands to make her feminine, whimsical, and floral ceramics. She is currently based in Columbus, Ohio. In an interview for Ballpitmag, she explains that her mugs, ring dishes, vases, and plates are mostly inspired by her favorite movies.

β€œI think about my girlhood a lot, and I also pull from fashion and interior design,” she said. β€œI hope to bring others some joy and a feeling of connection with my handmade items.”

Have a look at her beautiful artwork in the gallery below. Don’t forget to check out her other social media platforms, as well.